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Portfolios Designed for a Variety of Investment Objectives

The CMI MIC Funds are designed to meet the needs of investors across a broad range of investor profiles. Our portfolios invest primarily in first- and second-residential mortgages in traditionally strong, key real estate markets across Canada.

Managed by a team of experienced mortgage and investment professionals, these funds are well-diversified across geographic regions, borrower and mortgage types—all backed by collateralized real estate. Overhead and carrying costs are kept to a minimum to lower fees and maximize returns for investors.

As the fund manager, CMI is focused on achieving consistent, appreciable returns for all three of our MICs through active and prudent investment management practices over the long term.

Why Invest With CMI

When you invest with CMI, you can rely on our extensive experience in the mortgage industry, which has historically produced consistent and appreciable returns through our prudent underwriting and due diligence processes. Our MIC funds prioritize capital preservation and diversification while targeting attractive, consistent returns over the long term.

Our experienced management team oversees each of our three MIC funds, managing all aspects of our operation, from asset selection to administration and mortgage servicing. As a result of this careful monitoring, the CMI MIC Fund managers have maintained a loss ratio of less than 0.1% since inception.

Invest with CMI to unlock the full potential of your investment portfolio. We’ve designed our Funds to be accessible and flexible, with a starting point as low $5,000. Our funds are not just accessible; they’re versatile, fitting seamlessly into various registered accounts, including RRSPs, RESPs, TFSAs, RRIFs, RDSPs, and LIRAs.