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26 January 2022

Four simple steps to start saving for retirement

Saving for retirement can be daunting, especially when you’re young and retirement seems a long way away.  But getting started doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated – it just requires a little planning and a steady commitment. Follow these simple tips to get started today. Define your retirement goals Take a moment to picture…

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30 September 2021
Top 5 Things a MIC Should Being Doing for You

As an investor, gaining exposure to the residential real estate market no longer means having to acquire property or become a landlord. It doesn’t require carrying an illiquid asset during turbulent market cycles or worrying about high overhead costs. With private mortgages, investors can gain direct exposure to residential real estate without the hassle of…

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Why MICs Have a Place in Every Investment Portfolio
1 June 2021
Why MICs Have a Place in Every Investment Portfolio

In an era of record-low interest rates, market volatility and unprecedented fiscal and monetary intervention, investors need to think outside the box when constructing their portfolio. Within the US $10 trillion alternative asset market, private mortgages provide a viable alternative to conventional portfolios composed of stocks and bonds.  Mortgage Investment Corporations, or MICs, are one…

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5 July 2021
Avoid the pitfalls of Investment Biases when considering Alternatives for your Portfolio

Research has shown us that investors are often compelled to act based on certain preconceived biases. These biases, whether conscious or not, skew their decision-making process in a way that could adversely affect their portfolio’s performance.  Anchoring is one such bias that has been flagged by market theorists. Anchoring is a subconscious bias towards an…

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Invest with confidence in MIC funds
14 June 2021
Invest with confidence in CMI Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) funds

Portfolio managers have observed an interesting relationship over the past three months: Stocks and bonds have exhibited the strongest positive correlation this century. While far from an iron-clad indicator, the bond yield ratio suggests that investors are legitimately concerned about inflation. The data certainly backs this up. Annual inflation in Canada and the United States…

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For an Alternative to the Traditional 6040 Portfolio, Look No Further than MIC Funds
3 May 2021
For an Alternative to the Traditional 60/40 Portfolio, Look No Further than MIC Funds

For decades, the traditional 60/40 portfolio strategy has guided investment managers in their quest to provide clients with a sensible balance between risk and returns. The onset of a global recession punctuated by a public health crisis may have permanently changed how portfolio managers approach the market.  It’s not to say that portfolio managers didn’t…

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CMI State of the Market Home Sales Surge as Busy Spring Season Heats Up
20 April 2021
CMI State of the Market: Home Sales Surge as Busy Spring Season Heats Up

March was another record-breaking month for Canada’s housing market, as strong demand and rising inventories led to more closings across the country. The gains were underpinned by a strong labour market and cautious optimism that Canada’s economic recovery was gaining momentum. Signs of recovery in the condo market also suggested that Canadians were in search…

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